Stoupa beaches that you must visit!

Stoupa has three beautiful beaches! Stoupa beach, Kalogria and Halikioura.

Kalogria or Zorbas beach is located in the Lefktro area of ​​the Municipality of West Mani. It is one of the most famous beaches of Mani. It attracts both locals and tourists.The beach is known for its golden sand (inside and out of the sea) and clear, crystal clear waters. The waters flow from the Dragon River and there is the purity of them. Apart from the beautiful beaches, it is worth enjoying the magical sunsets! As for the sea, its waters are quite cool and this because four sources of Taygetus, end up at the bottom of the sea. This, moreover, gives her crystal clearness. It is shallow, making it ideal for children. It is sandy, making it great for games along the coastline. Kazantzakis, Zorbas, the little house and the hidden cave of ... inspiration. The history of the area is great, but mainly Stoupa and Kalogria, have been marked by the presence of Nikos Kazantakis. He arrived in Kalogria in 1917, rented the small house, which is still preserved at the right end of the beach, over the spring that springs water from Taygetos where he stayed for two years. There, the legendary hero of the novel "Life and the State of Alexis Zorba" lived. His true name, of course, was George Zorbas. Indeed, there is also the cave (which one can visit by renting a canoe or a water bike) behind the left edge of the bay, in which, this great personality was inspired by. 

Next, is the beach of Stoupa. It is about 500 meters away from it. Its waters are warmer, while it is shallow and sandy. The rocks and the natural environment give the waters a turquoise shade that impresses and wins the visitor from the very first moment.  

In the end but not least, Halikioura beach, is a small, more private and quiet beach.

For those who want more ... wild sea experiences, Pantazi Beach, Phoneas Gorge, Kalamitsi, Trachela and many more can satisfy their tastes. Deep, "wild," with pebbles and stones, ideal for those who love diving.